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Career Networks has officially launched! This program is a one-stop shop for the exploration of careers at the intersection of business and health, and is open to students across UNC's campus.
COVID-19 created havoc for direct care workers in home healthcare and childcare. As the crisis continues, our experts look at what caused historic staffing shortages in direct care and changes that could provide solutions.
The UNC Center for the Business of Health (CBOH) and the Institute for Private Capital (IPC) co-hosted a new research symposium exploring the impacts of private equity on the healthcare industry. Read the symposium report here
As payments from the National Opioid Settlement and other opioid-related lawsuits are distributed to local governments across the country, the question many communities are asking is, 'How should we spend the funds?' This commentary highlights how states and local communities are approaching the challenge and how local context and community dialogue should be prioritized during decision-making processes.